Urbit is a modern operating system and social network. On the network, you have a unique identity that remains yours forever.

Combining the OS and the ID, Urbit can become your permanent online home, sheltering you from the spying eyes of mega corporations and giving you a new kind of space to express yourself.

Urbit has been in the works since 2002; it is still a bit rough around the edges, but it is definitely ready for you to move in. It already hosts numerous vibrant groups, ingenious thinkers, and bold explorers.

To get on Urbit, you need an Urbit ID, and you need a way of hosting your personal instance of the Urbit OS. We take care of both.

How it Works

You have a few hosting options to choose from:


Planet Hosting

A planet is a permanent citizen in the Urbit universe. You can join or create groups, publish content, and change your planet as you see fit.


Billed every month


Bring Your Own Urbit

If you already have an Urbit ID, either a planet or a star, you can bring your own.


Billed every month


Star Hosting

Stars are important infrastructure nodes on the Urbit network; they can also issue new planets. Use the Bring Your Own Urbit option to import your star.


Billed every month

Hosting Features

You get a subdomain like this: your-planet.urbithost.network


If you are not satisfied with our services or want to do something else with your Urbit, you can always cancel and download your Urbit and S3 data without any friction. Your Urbit ID also remains yours forever, and you can download the keys. Then you can either run the Urbit yourself or host it somewhere else.

About UrbitHost

UrbitHost is located in Switzerland. All data and Urbit instances are hosted in a data center in Germany. We plan to move all data and hosting to Switzerland soon.
UrbitHost is not the maintainer of the open source Urbit project. We are one of several hosting providers that are dedicated to enabling easy and safe access to the Urbit network.
If you host your Urbit with us, you must agree to our Terms of Service.