How to Get the Network Key (Arvo Keyfile)

To bring your own Urbit ID you need to have the network key set for your Urbit OS. This tutorial uses a planet as an example, but the same applies for stars.

By giving us your network key, you allow us to boot your planet, but we cannot do anything else. You retain full control over your Urbit ID.


Once you have an Urbit ID, you can use Bridge, the official app to interact with your Urbit, to manipulate the state of your Urbit ship on the Ethereum smart contract, called Azimuth. Bridge is a dApp, which means that you can execute smart contract functions right from that website if you are connected via a wallet, such as MetaMask.

There are two primary ways to get an Urbit ID: either someone gave you a master ticket, which is a short string of four six character words, or you had it transferred directly to one of your Ethereum addresses.

If you have a master ticket, it is very likely that the network keys are already configured, meaning you do not need to execute any smart contract functions. You can just go to Bridge, enter your Urbit ID and master ticket, and then you can download the key file. See below “Download Key File.” However, this only works if you have not yet booted your Urbit anywhere, see “Breaching Your Urbit” if you want to reset your Urbit.

On the other hand, if you had a Urbit ID transferred to your Ethereum address, it is likely that your still have to configure your network keys, which means you need some ETH on the account that owns your Urbit ID.

Log In to Bridge

If you have a master ticket, use the first option to log in. Otherwise, use the "Metamask, Mnemonic, Hardware Wallet..." option to connect with your existing Ethereum wallet.

Download the Network Key

Select “OS – Urbit OS Settings”

If the network key is already set, you should be able to download it by clicking on “Download Arvo Keyfile.” If you this is not an option, you still need to set your keys; proceed to the next section.

Assuming you have not yet booted your Urbit you can just download the file and proceed to our store to initiate hosting. Or read our documentation on how to upload that key.

If you have already booted the planet and you want to start with a blank slate, proceed to the next section on how to set or reset your networking keys.

Setting or Resetting Your Network Keys

Select “Reset Networking Keys” (from the settings menu above).

If this is a brand new Urbit ID, e.g., it was transferred to you, then you can just click on “Reset Networking Keys” (or “Set Networking Keys”). Make sure that the address or account from which you execute this transaction has some Ethereum available, otherwise you cannot set the keys.


If you have booted the ship before and you want to start with a blank slate on UrbitHost, select also “Breach Continuity.” This will reset your ship and allow it to boot anew, as if it was never booted before.

To read more on Breaching see, the official Urbit documentation.

If you encounter any issues, please contact