How to Bring Your Own Urbit

If you already have an Urbit ID, you can use it here, on UrbitHost, to boot a planet or a star. You retain full control over your Urbit ID; you just give us permission to run the Urbit OS for you.

Right now, you can only bring your Urbit ID by importing your networking key, which is also called the Arvo Keyfile. Soon you will also be able to upload an existing pier of an already booted Urbit OS.

If you do not know how to get your Arvo Keyfile, follow the instructions here.

Import using Network Keys (Arvo Keyfile)

There are three steps when bringing your own Urbit ID: select your ID in the store, pay for your subscription, and import your key.

Select Urbit ID

After your log in, go to Products and select “Bring Your Own Urbit.”

Enter the name of the Urbit ID you want us to host for you. It can be the Urbit ID of a planet or a star. Make sure it is correct (if you want to change it after paying for the subscription you need to open a support request via But you can enter the ID with or without the tilde, "~".

If you selected a star, the price will be different, because stars get more compute resources and higher priority support.

Pay for Subscription

Go to "Checkout" and pay for the subscription via Stripe.

Import Network Key

After purchasing the subscription, you will be forwarded to the Urbit ship dashboard, there you see your hosted Urbit OSs.

It will prompt you to import your Urbit ID. Follow the link.

You should have a file that contains your network key (also called the Arvo Keyfile). If not, follow these instructions. Open the file and copy the contents of the file into the text box and select “Upload Key.”

The ship should be for a short time in an “import running” phase and then should transition to “booting.” Wait a few more minutes and your Urbit should be ready.

If you encounter any issues, please contact